Let’s be very clear, vaping and smoking are not the same.

It is easy to light up a cigarette; vaping takes longer. Electronic cigarettes require some light upkeep, such as charging the battery, changing parts when they need replacing and topping up with e-liquid when you are running low. It is easy to slip back into the mindset “It would be easier to nip the shop and get a packet of fags”.

The way to combat this is to balance satisfaction against ease of use. You need to choose an e-cig that you can easily maintain, an e-liquid that you love the taste of, and to make sure that you actually enjoy vaping.



As previously mentioned there is no single perfect e-cig for everyone. Every vaper searches for something different from their vaping experience. Some people feel more satisfied when they are exhaling a cloud of vapour, some care more about tasting a nice flavour, others want vaping to feel as close to smoking as possible.

If you need help or advice, speak to a “vape friendly” smoking cessation counsellor or pop into our store in Letterkenny. Alternatively, you can contact us via phone, email, or live chat on the e-vapour website. You won’t know what type of vaper you are when you first start out, and this is where the experimentation and patience come in. If you buy an e-cig and it doesn’t feel right or doesn’t work as well as you expected, the chances are you don’t need a new e-cig, you might just need to change e-liquid or alter the way you are inhaling.

New vapers can choose from a range of starter kits, each has different features that play to an individual vaper’s needs. They all come with everything that you need to start vaping, and many vapers find they never need to “progress” from their first e-cig.



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