Vuse ePod Cartridges

Vuse ePod Cartridges – A Pack of 2 x Vuse ePod cartridges for the Vuse ePod device, available in 8 amazing flavours.


Vuse ePod Cartridges

Vype are rebranding to VUSE, they are the market leaders who pride themselves on creating high-quality vaping products, from popular hardware like the Vuse ePen 3 to an extensive range of e-liquids and refills. The Vuse ePod device was launched in early 2019 to offer a new take on the popular pod system style that many vaping brands are adopting.

The Vuse ePod uses pre-filled cartridges to keep vaping quick, mess-free and straight-forward. Simply select a flavour and click it into your ePod device; that’s it – you’re ready to vape.

ePod pods are made with nicotine salts, this unique formula delivers nicotine quickly and effectively to your system when compared to standard nicotine (known as freebase). It also makes the vape smoother and gentler on the throat which many vapers prefer.


The Vuse ePod refill range is currently made up of 8 distinct flavours, but there are plans to expand this! The options available range from sweet fruit blends, such as Tropical Mango and Very Berry, to classic vaping blends like Chilled Mint and Golden Tobacco.


Available Flavours:

  • Vanilla Medley
  • Very Berry
  • Just Mango
  • Garden Strawberry
  • Chilled Mint
  • Creamy Mint
  • Peppermint Tobacco
  • Golden Tobacco

 Vuse ePod Specifications:

  • Each pod contains 1.9ml of e-liquid
  • Pods are made with a satisfying nicotine salt formula
  • Magnetic attachment means easy pod switching
  • 8 flavours available, including fruit, tobacco & mint
  • High-quality pharma grade ingredients
  • No-spill cartridge design


Fans of the ePod cartridges range tend to focus on the convenience and user-experience that the pods allow for. They are ideal for when you’re on the go and are extremely effective for relieving nicotine cravings thanks to the nicotine salt e-liquid formula. If you like to switch things up a lot, swapping the pods out for a different flavour is quick and easy – enjoying the flavour of rolling tobacco during your work day and the sweetness of golden mango in the evenings is made a reality with the Vuse ePod!

E-Liquid Brand



Chilled Mint, Creamy Mint, Garden Strawberry, Golden Tobacco, Just Mango, Peppermint Tobacco, Vanilla Medley, Very Berry

Liquid Type

Salt Nicotine



Nicotine Strength

12mg, 18mg

Pack Size

Pack of 2


12mg-18mg, 18mg-20mg, 18mg

Tank Capacity


User Level


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