Vision USB Charging Cable

Vision Usb Charging Cable – for Ego batteries


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Vision Usb Charging Cable

To charge up your Vision Battery firstly remove your tank from the battery, then screw the head of the battery onto the Vision USB Charging Cable. Insert the USB cable into a laptop or USB Wall Plug . When plugged in the light on the Usb cable will glow Orange to indicate that the battery is being charged up, when the battery is fully charged the colour of the light will change to a solid Green colour.

Input/Output Voltage : DC5V/DC4.2V

Output Current : 400mAh


*Please Note: As with most batteries we recommend not to use Smart Phone USB plugs to charge e-cigarette batteries as they are usually too powerful, they create a false charge where they charge the battery fast but the battery will then die very fast too ! Smart phone plugs usually put out aprox. 2.5 Amps, we recommend using USB plugs of 1.5 Amps or less, unless stated otherwise! Only a small very small selection of the very newest batteries have a 2.0 Amp Fast charge and they will usually promote it on the packaging.

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USB to 510 – Screw On