Vision Spinner II

Vision Spinner II Battery – 1650mAh Variable Voltage Battery


Vision Spinner II

The Vision Spinner II battery is an upgraded and improved version of the popular Vision Spinner. The new version includes an upgraded battery cell with extended vaping time. The battery capacity has been increased from 1100mAh to 1650mAh – Over 30% more battery, which means your are now free to vape even longer between each charge. Like its predecessor the Spinner II comes with a variable voltage feature allowing you to control the voltage setting. The improved VV dial is located at the bottom of the battery and offers you a voltage range between 3.3~4.8V. The Spinner II now comes in even more beautiful colors like Stainless Steel, Red, Orange, Black, and Green. Other features of the Spinner II are Automatic Cutoff Time, upgraded and improved PCB control head, Ego/510 compatibility, Short Circuit Protection, and an improved power button.

Whats In the Box ?

  • 1 x Vision 1650mAh Battery (Selected Colour)
  • 1 x User Guide

*Note:  No USB charging cable is provided with this battery you can get the required charging cable HERE.

Features :

  • Powerful and upgraded 1650mAh battery
  • New Upgraded and even more stable PCB control head
  • Sturdy and ergonomic spin dial for adjusting the voltage
  • Longer life span for the new upgraded PCB and battery cell
  • Dimension: 124.5(L) * 16.5(D) mm W:61.8g
  • Operating Voltage (output): 3.3-4.8V Charging voltage(input): 4.2V / 420mA


1. Turn on/off the battery

  • The battery is turned on/off by pressing the button five times within two seconds. Once you have successfully pressed the button 5 times the button light will flash 3 times, each flash a different colour to indicate that the battery is powering on or being turned off.

2. Set the voltage output

  • The Spinner II is capable of outputting voltage from 3.3v to 4.8v
  • The red line on the bottom dial indicates the selected position of the voltage output level.
  • Rotate the bottom dial to align the red line with the desired voltage output as shown on the numbered scale.
  • The red line on bottom spinner can stay at any position along the scale between 3.3v and 4.8v to fine-tune your voltage output, despite the four locking position at 3.3v, 3.8v, 4.3v and 4.8v
  •  Please be aware that the red line moves between 3.3v and 4.8v along the scale. Do not push the red line on spinner to go over the 3.3v clockwise or the 4.8v counter clockwise as it will damage the dial if being pushed too forcefully.

3. Power indicator

  • The Spinner II can display three colors from the button to indicate the battery level.
  • When the button displays WHITE whilst being pressed and when the battery is on, it indicates a remaining 60%-100% battery life.
  • When the button displays BLUE whilst being pressed and when the battery is on, it indicates a remaining 30%-60% battery life.
  • When the button displays ORANGE whilst being pressed and when the battery is on, it indicates a remaining 0%-30% battery power ( time to charge the battery!)
  • The button flashes fifteen times in mixed color to indicate that there is no power at all left in battery and it can no longer function without being properly charged

4. Other important facts

  • Short circuit protection – when the battery is on, in the case of a short circuit occurring which usually happens if the user operates it wrongly when installing a Tank onto the battery or connecting a USB charger to the battery, the button flashes three times and stops working temporarily until the conditions causing the short circuit are removed. An incorrectly installed coil or one that is not compatible with the battery can cause a short circuit resulting in the button flashing 3 times. Excess liquid on the battery head can also cause a short.
  • Excess Usage protection – when the battery is on, whilst holding the button down non-stop for more than eight seconds, the button flashes five times and the battery will cut out instantly.
  • Charging time – Spinner II, with its large capacity of 1650mAh, requires about 5-6 hours to be fully recharged, if the the battery has run completely flat.
  • The Spinner II is no different to regular eGo batteries, it requires a standard USB charger of 420mAh output and a wall adapter of 500mA output. Any use of non-standard chargers, especially with higher output such as an iPhone charger is likely to damage the battery and cause unwanted consequences. Therefore the usage of non-standard chargers on the Spinner II is strictly prohibited and immediately invalidates the warranty. Find the correct USB Charging cable HERE and the correct USB 3 Pin Wall adaptor HERE.


Weight0.084 kg
Battery Colour

Black, Blue, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Steel

Battery Capacity


Battery Type

Built In – Internal

Hardware Brand


Pack Size

1 Battery

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