Kangertech Evod 1000 mAh Battery

Kangertech Evod 1000 mAh Battery – (Ego/510 Thread)


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Kangertech Evod 1000 mAh Battery

This EVOD battery has an Ego/510 thread and will work with any Ego or 510 thread compatible cartomizer, clearomizer or tank system. This includes all Kangertech Clearomizers and the popular Protank series of tanks! These batteries are regulated at a constant output of 3.7 Volts for consistent vapor and performance everytime. With its sleek simplistic design, range of colours and flush button this battery is a firm favourite of ours. As with most batteries we sell they can be turned On/Off with 5 fast clicks of the button within 2 seconds. The light around the battery will flash 5 times to show that the battery is either powering on or turning off. When the light around the button flashes rapidly when held down then the battery is flat and needs recharging or your tank or coil is dead and needs replacing. These 1000 mAh batteries are good for approximately 1000 puffs before a recharge is required and can be recharged around 300 times before needing to be replaced. For most people 300 recharges equates to around 6 or 8 months depending on usage. As always we recommend using USB Charge cables of the same brand as the battery as they are designed to be used together. Just click here to find a Kangertech Usb Charge Cable for this battery.

Battery Specification’s :

  • Capacity : 1000 mAh
  • Diameter : 14 mm
  • Length : 106 mm
  • Threading : Ego/510
  • Output : 3.7 Volts (Constant)
  • Input : 4.2 Volts (400 mAh)
  • On/Off : 5 Fast clicks (Within 2 seconds)


*Please Note: As with most batteries we recommend not to use Smart Phone USB plugs to charge e-cigarette batteries as they are usually too powerful, they create a false charge where they charge the battery fast but the battery will then die very fast too ! Smart phone plugs usually put out aprox. 2.5 Amps, we recommend using USB plugs of 1.0 Amp or less, unless stated otherwise! Only a very small selection of the very newest batteries have a 2.0 Amp Fast charge and they will usually promote it on the packaging.

Weight0.047 kg
Battery Colour

Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver

Battery Capacity

1000 mAh

Battery Type

Built In – Internal

Hardware Brand


Pack Size

1 Battery

User Level


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