Innokin Scion Coils (3 Pack)

Innokin Scion Coils (3 Pack) – Coils to fit the Innokin Scion, Scion II and Plex Tanks. These coils can reach upto 200 Watts (0.28 Ohm) which is massive !


Innokin Scion Coils (3 Pack)

Innokin Scion Coils are available in resistances of 0.14 Ohm (Plexus Coils), 0.15 Ohm (Plexus Coils), 0.28 Ohm, 0.36 Ohm (Quad core). These coils come as a pack of 3 and with the 0.28 Ohm Coils rated at upto 200 Watts they are currently the most powerful coil in our store. They are made using Organic Cotton for a pure clean flavour with lots of billowy cloud.

Plexus coils

Plexus is a brand new mesh coil option from Innokin offering excellent stability and durability. Each Plexus replacement coil is composed of a whole KAL panel with aligned holes. This increased resistance stability translates to a more even distribution of temperature through the organic cotton which leads to less degradation and a longer coil life. The larger heating area of the Plexus Mesh coil gives faster energy dissipation and heat up times resulting in ultra fast wicking and superior fuller flavours.

Scion Coil Wattage Range:

  • 0.14 Ohm Plex3D Coil: 60~100 Watts
  • 0.15 Ohm Plexus Coil: 60~110 Watts
  • 0.28 Ohm BVC Coil: 100~200 Watts
  • 0.36 Ohm Quad Core Coil: 80~150 Watts

Compatible Tanks:

  • Innokin Scion Tank
  • Innokin Scion II Tank
  • Innokin Plex Tank

*It is recommended to use High VG e-liquids like 70VG/30PG or 80VG/20PG.

Important Information About Sub Ohm Vaping: 

These replacement coils are designed for sub-ohm vaping. They require more vaping experience to use safely, and extra care should be taken when using a sub ohm tank. These coils will only work on a Battery Mod capable of firing sub ohm atomisers. Please ensure that your batteries can handle the extra power requirements, and that your mod can handle the amps.

We also advise not to use any e-liquid with more than 6mg of nicotine, as your vapour may taste harsh. Sub ohm vaping produces a bigger throat hit than standard coils, and extra care should be taken.


Safety Notice :

Sub-Ohm tanks and coils must be used by experienced and knowledgeable users as additional safety precautions must be practiced when using these items. These products need to work on a mod/battery capable of firing at sub-Ohm resistances. So, for example, if you have a 0.5 Ohm coil in your tank, your mod/battery must be capable of firing at 0.5 Ohm resistance, or lower. You also need to ensure your device can cope with the amps. Improper use can lead to physical injury and damaged equipment.

Coil Brand


Coil Ohm

0.14 Ohm – Plex 3D, 0.15 Ohm – Plexus, 0.28 Ohm, 0.36 Ohm – Quad Coil

Pack Size

3 Coils

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