Firebolt Cotton – Mixed Edition

Firebolt Cotton Mixed Edition – 21 Pre-Loaded Organic Cotton pieces, 7cm long strips in 3 different sizes to suit coils from 2.5mm upto 3.5mm.


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Firebolt Cotton – Mixed Edition

Vapefly Firebolt Cotton – Mixed Edition is made of Organic Japanese Cotton. Firebolt cotton is able to absorb E-juice quickly and easy to shape and form. Made from 100% organic Japanese cotton with no acetone or glue used to shape or bleach the cotton strips. Firebolt is super fluffy and absorbent and comes with an agleted end so it’s easy to thread through your coils. The pack contains 21 pieces of cotton strips in 3 different sizes, Red: 2.5mm , Yellow: 3.0mm , Blue: 3.5mm.

aglet [noun]

An aglet is a small sheath often made of plastic, used on the end of a shoelace, cord or drawstring. It keeps the fibres of the cord from unravelling and it’s firmness and narrow profile make it easier to hold and feed through holes and eyelets.


Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Specifications:

  • Designed for coils with 2.5 – 3.5mm internal diameter
  • Re-wick your coils in seconds
  • No need to measure and twist any more
  • Organic Japanese cotton
  • Wick length: 7 cm
  • Color Coded Sizes: Red: 2.5mm , Yellow: 3.0mm , Blue: 3.5mm

Whats in the Packet?: 

  • 21 Vapefly Firebolt Cotton Strips
  • 7 Red for 2.5mm Internal diameter coils
  • 7 Yellow for 3mm Internal diameter coils
  • 7 Blue for 3.5mm Internal diameter Coils




Pack Size

21 Pieces

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