Charlie’s Chalk Dust – White Label Series

Charlie’s Chalk Dust – White Label Series – 50ml Zero Nicotine Shortfill e-liquids from one of the best known companies on the market. Designed to be used with 1 x 18mg Nic Shot (Nic Shot Included)


Charlie’s Chalk Dust – White Label Series

Charlie’s Chalk Dust have some of the best known American made juices on this side of the pond. These Shortfill e-liquids come as 50ml’s of zero nicotine e-liquid in a 60ml bottle leaving space to add 1 Nicotine Shot (Nic Shot Included). 1 x 18mg Nic Shot added to 50ml’s of zero e-liquid makes roughly 60ml’s of 3mg Nicotine Strength. The White Label Series are a range of 70Vg/30Pg mix. This listing is for the White Label Series including the Meringue series. We currently stock the following 2 flavours:

Available Flavours:

  • 1982 – Mr Meringue – Lemon Curd
  • 1985 – Uncle Meringue – Rainbow Sherbert

Whats In The Bottle?:

  • Bottle Capacity: 60ml
  • E-liquid Volume: 50ml
  • VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
  • Nicotine: 0mg
  • Nic Shot Compatible: Yes  (1 x 18mg Nic Shots makes 60ml of 3mg)
  • Nic Shot Included : Yes (1 x 18mg Nic Shot Included)

*1 x 18mg Nic Shot is included with each bottle purchased in this listing 


Charlies Chalk Dust – As a young boy, Charlie would walk door-to-door selling homegrown zucchinis to the neighbourhood housewives. With his proper and undeniable charm, he had no issues charging these women five times the going rate of the zucchinis at the local grocers. During the winter months, he would find oddly shaped rocks in his front yard, and he would paint them with colourful designs. The same housewives who bought his zucchinis… well they bought his rocks too. A solicitor has a single goal, to encourage their customer to make a buying decision. If he is a good solicitor, as Charlie was, he will satisfy his customer while also making sure their relationship blossoms. Charlie never measured his success by how many sales he made, but on how many customers he satisfied. And for Charlie, the only way to attempt to measure his success was whether or not the customer opened that door with welcoming eyes.

Bottle Size


E-Liquid Brand

Charlie's Chalk Dust


1982 – Lemon Curd, 1991 – Strawberry

Liquid Type

50ml Shortfill



Nicotine Shots

1 x 18mg Nic Shot

Nicotine Strength

0mg, 0mg (Nicotine Free)

Pack Size



0mg (Nicotine Free)

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