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Shoreditch e-liquids

Introducing the amazing new range of e-liquids straight out of London. Shoreditch e-liquids are a 50vg/50pg mix of e-liquids crafted in the popular Shoreditch area of London England. They come in either a 6mg, 12mg or 18mg nicotine strength. We currently stock 10 of their very best flavours which are listed below :


  • Grappled
  • The Pink
  • Apple & Eve
  • Lime Sorbet
  • Iced Strawberries
  • The Fruity Funster
  • Blueberry
  • Cola 3
  • Percy Peanut
  • Granny’s Crumble


Grappled –

If you like your fruits green then this is a sure fire hit. Green apple and white grape smashed together with a cheeky little kiwi thrown in for good measure. It’s a very special combination that has us here at Shoreditch grappling all day. Grape -eliquid is always popular and Grappled will not disappoint.

The Pink –

Our own unique take on pink lemonade e-liquid. There is so much going on in this little pink treat. We have lemon, grapefruit and citrus notes all coming together to make one mind blowingly tasty summer treat. The Pink perfectly compliments Oh So Orange, so why not give both of these epic Shoreditch Edition flavours a vape!

Apple & Eve –

This is something special. Sugared apple with a hint of cinnamon, yes it sounds simple but it tastes so good and we all know how tempting apples can be! There really is no other e-liquid like this. Apple & Eve is an absolutely favourite at Shoreditch HQ, among those of us with a sweet tooth.

Lime Sorbet –

Lime for those of you who consider ice cream to be too mainstream. This lime e-liquid is so fresh you’ll have second thoughts about introducing it to your parents. We joke of course, it’s a perfectly well behaved and easy to vape e-liquid which is a must for any lovers of lime. Note: The ’t’ is silent.

Iced Strawberries –

Everyone knows strawberry flavoured anything is always bound to go down a treat. Iced Strawberries is one of the most popular e-liquids here at Shoreditch and once you’ve tried it you’ll know why. Sweet strawberry with a menthol blast to help clear your head and keep you sweet and fruity.

The Fruity Funster –

This Fruity funster has no less than four, yes count them, four fruits crammed into it’s perfectly formed bottle. It’s another one of our amazing fruit e-liquids. With banana, strawberry, raspberry and some rather exotic lychee all working harmoniously together for one fun, fruit vape.

Blueberry –

It’s hard to make blueberry sound interesting. That is of course unless you’re a fan of blueberries then you’ll love our cunningly named Blueberry e-liquid. We’ve chopped, smashed and squished a ton of blueberries to make this blueberry e-liquid a sure fire hit for any vaping blueberry fan.

Cola 3 –

Everyone at Shoreditch loves a trip down memory lane. Cola Cubed is a classic cola cube flavoured e-liquid, bring back those childhood memories of penny sweets and pocket money. We’ve crammed lots of little cuboids of cola goodness into a bottle for your vaping pleasure.

Percy Peanut –

Meet Percy. He’s a sweet chocolate peanut kinda guy. You’ll need a sweet tooth and be absolutely nuts for chocolate, to enjoy this chocolate and peanut e-liquid. Best described as vaping Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, with a perfect blend of milk chocolate and peanut butter. Creating the experience of vaping a dessert.

Granny’s Crumble – 

Rhubarb and apple e-liquid is the order of the day here. The slightly sharp taste of rhubarb works perfectly with the apple, to create Granny’s Crumble e-liquid. The obvious way to go would have been rhubarb and custard. However, as there are plenty of rhubarb and custard flavour e-liquids already available, we decided to do something a little different.

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6mg, 12mg, 18mg


Grappled, The Pink, Apple & Eve, Lime Sorbet, Iced Strawberries, The Fruity Funster, Blueberry, Cola 3, Percy Peanut, Granny’s Crumble


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