IKiss Coils (5 Pack)

ELeaf, Ismoka

5 x Eleaf IKiss Coils (Atomizer Heads)



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Product Description

Eleaf IKiss 2.2ohm Coils


These powerful little 2.2ohm coils are for use with the Eleaf IKiss Pen. The pen might look small and slim but these little coils ensure that they give a serious smooth airy kick. We recommend changing all coils after 7-10 days or when the vapour and flavour start to deteriorate. To change a coil in your IKiss simply remove the whole tank from the battery. Hold the tank upside down so the liquid flows down towards the mouthpiece as you would when checking your liquid level. Remove the base connector which is the last metal piece with the small air hole on it, to reveal the bottom of the coil. Simply pop out the old coil and give all the components a good drying with some tissue paper before placing the new coil back into the metal section with “Eleaf” stamped on it, where you took the old coil from. Stand the pen upright so that the liquid disappears down around the coil and leave for 3-5 minutes to soak before using the coil for the first time, this ensures you will not get a “Dry Hit” or “Dry Burn” as it is referred too. This happens from heating up a coil and burning the dry wick because it has not had the chance to soak in enough e-liquid to produce vapour so it singes the coil wick.

Whats in the Box ?

5x 2.2ohm Eleaf IKiss coils


.Eleaf IKiss Tank IKiss Breakdown



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