Hangsen Series 8 (70vg/30pg)


Hangsen Series 8 – 70VG/30PG



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Hangsen Series 8 (70vg/30pg)

The Hangsen Series 8 dripping juice has landed to evapour.ie. Here we have Hangsen’s range of High VG (Vegetable Glycerine) e-liquids often referred to as dripping juice, this 70VG/30PG mix will produce larger, fuller, thicker vape clouds. These e-liquids need to be used in tanks like the Innokin iSub Tank or the Joyetech Cubis or tanks like that where the coils have larger juice inlet holes to allow sufficient flow of liquid to the coil. These delicious new flavours come in 10ml bottles and in a variety of flavours as listed below.

Hangsen Series 8 – 70VG/30PG

Rainbow Smile

Delicious rainbow candy at its best, dare I say the words “Taste the rainbow” this awesome flavour is sure to leave your mouth watering for more.

Lovely Dance

A fruity mix of flavours that can only be described as a lovely dance amazing flavours on your taste buds. Zingy Lemon, Sweet Blueberry & tasty Strawberries who wouldn’t like that mix ?

Happy Couples

2 flavours that are rarely paired together n the vaping industry, luscious Lemons & juicy ripe Grapes come together to make one seriously Happy Couple.

Forest Hunter

Inspired by the famous Tiger Blood cocktail inspired by the crazy famous words of Charlie Sheen, Toasted Coconut, Cherry Heering Cocktail, fresh Watermelon juice, Cherry Juice, and last but not least juicy Lime Juice. They say one vape of Tiger Blood can make you live forever.


I know what your thinking but its not what it seams, this is a juicy Lemonade flavour and it was give its name for no other reason than being so refreshing.

Fruity Donut

Strawberry & Berry flavoured Donuts, a real Zero calorie treat, a full on creamy fruity flavour that will leave you wondering if this is one of your new favourite all day vapes.

Sweet Cukes

A totally new flavour to the market this one is a delicious mix of fresh Cucumber & Watermelon, although it may sound a little weird don’t be scared of this really nice weird, sweet & fruity vape, it really is nice.

Fruits Crush

Lemon, Apple & Kiwi combined in a totally mouthwatering vape which gives massive flavour and a refreshing kick. The fruity fusions from this brand never fail to impress.

Yellow & Green

Guava & Mango combined to produce a classic recipe full of flavour & taste, this is a must try for any level of vaper.

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Rainbow Smile, Lovely Dance, Happy Couples, Forest Hunter, Refresher, Fruity Donut, Sweet Cukes, Fruits Crush, Yellow & Green


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