Geekvape Framed Staple Coils


Geekvape Framed Staple Coils (Box of 8 Coils Plus a Jig)



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Geekvape Framed Staple Coils

Geekvape have done it again, pushing the limits and bounderies of vaping with these new Geekvape Framed Staple Coils. There are 2 different variations in this box to choose from with 4 of each variation. Clapton Coils are designed much like a guitar string, wire wrapped around a single, double or triple core. The idea is that the more surface area of wire that comes into contact with your e-liquid then the better the flavour will be. These boxes contain 8 coils in 2 different styles and a Coil Jig Tool.

Type 1 :

A Double twisted 26 gauge core with another two 26 gauge Kanthal (KA1) wire’s running up either side in the centre these 4 wires are wrapped in a 32 gauge Nichrome (N80) wire.

( 4 wraps rated at 0.2 Ω )

Type 2 :

A core centre of one 32 gauge wire encased in five 34 gauge Kanthal (KA1) wire’s with two 26 gauge (KA1’s) running up either side as the centre, these are wrapped in a 32 gauge Nichrome (N80) wire.

( 4 wraps rated at 0.25 Ω )


*These coils have a diameter of Φ3.0 and will not fit all RDA’s

Whats in the Box ?

4 x 0.2 Ohm Framed Staple Twisted Coils

4 x 0.25 ohm Framed Staple Fused Clapton Coils

1 x Coil Jig Tool

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