Eleaf Kissbox PCC for IKiss

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Eleaf Kissbox PCC (Personal Charging Case) for IKiss


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Product Description

The Eleaf Kissbox PCC (Personal Charging Case)


Brought to you by Eleaf (Ismoka) the company who brought you the Istick range the Eleaf IKiss is hands down the best slimline pen on the market. The fact that they have paired a small slimline 220mAh Battery in the pen with a huge 17oomAh battery in the Kissbox PCC not only ensures that the pen recharges quickly, but that you have a portable charging pack in your pocket then makes sure every time you reach for your IKiss pen that it is fully charged and ready to use. A new Kissbox, depending on usage, should only need to be recharged every 3/4 days. The IKiss pen uses replaceable coils and like all coils we recommend replacing them every 7-10 days or when the flavour and vapour production has become reduced. IKiss replacement coils can be purchased HERE.

The Kissbox Pcc and IKiss pen are made to work together, the 2 items go hand in hand with each other, without the Kissbox Pcc the little 220mAh Battery of the IKiss Pen would only last for around 2/3 hours of vaping time but when you keep your IKiss Pen stored in your Kissbox Pcc it ensures your IKiss Pen will last up to 3 days without needing to be recharged.

The Kissbox Pcc has 5 white lights and 1 red light on the left side of the box. When the 5 white lights on the Kissbox light up then the box is fully charged, over the space of 3 days or so the lights will begin to go out 1 at a time. When there is only 1 white light left illuminated then it will flash 40 times to let the user know that it is time to charge up your Kissbox using the Micro-USB Cable supplied. The white lights will light up every time the pen is removed or placed back into the Kissbox Pcc, and when the Pen is Inserted into the box a single red light will come on, this red light indicates that the box is charging up the IKiss Pen. This red light will remain on even after the white lights go out until the IKiss Pen is fully charged.

This is by far the best slimline pen on the market and the Kissbox Pcc really does take the hastle out of constantly having to recharge your standard ego type battery every day. Available in 4 beautiful colours, Black, Silver, Rose Red & Blue.

Whats in the Box :

1x Kissbox Pcc

1x Micro USB Charging Cable

1x User Guide


Capacity : 1700mAh (Lithium-Ion)

Length : 135 mm

Width : 45 mm

Depth : 11 mm


*Please Note :

The IKiss Pen is not included in this listing, the pictures are for illustration purposes only. If you would like to purchase an Eleaf IKiss Kit which includes an IKiss Blister pack and an Eleaf Kissbox then please click HERE.



Additional Information

Weight 0.136 kg
Kissbox Colour

Black, Silver, Rose Red, Blue


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