Aspire USB Wall Plug Adaptor


Aspire Usb 3 Pin Wall Plug (Ireland & Uk)



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Aspire Usb Wall Plug Adaptor

The Aspire Usb Wall Plug Adaptor is a 3 pin plug that enables you to use a USB Charging Cable to charge ¬†your battery¬†by the mains electric supply, rather then using a computer. Many people prefer this because it charges your battery quicker and it is easier to use especially if you are not near a computer. Just screw your USB cable onto your battery and plug the other end into the Aspire USB wall adaptor plug it in and ensure that the switch is tuned on, the Aspire USB adaptor’s light will light up Blue.

Ireland & UK 3 pin plug/ Wall adaptor
Input : 100-240v
Output : DC 5.0V 1A

(CE & Rohs Certified)


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