Aspire K1 Starter Kit


Aspire K1 Starter Kit



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Aspire K1 Starter Kit

The Aspire K1 starter kit consists of a 900mAh G-Power battery and a K1 glassomizer. The K1 is a new generation of glassomizer which uses the Aspire “BVC” (Bottom Vertical Coil) atomiser technology. This new technology is designed to last longer while still giving users the purest cleanest taste from their e-liquids. The stainless steel removable drip tip and pyrex glass not only gives the K1 a very pure taste but a very stylish and high end look. The Aspire CF G-Power is a high end vaping power system. This battery has a fixed output of 4.2 volts and features stainless steel endpoints, a metal button a carbon fiber coated tube and 6 safety holes on the bottom cover. It also features a revolutionary spring loaded connector for a more reliable connection between your tank and battery. The K1 tank can use both Aspire BVC & BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) coils.

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Whats in the Box ?

1 x 900 mAh Battery

1 x K1 Glassomizer & Coil

5 x Spare Coils (BVC)

1 x Usb Charging Cable

1 x 3 Pin Usb Wall Plug (Ireland & Uk)

1 x Instruction Manual


Total Length : 164 mm

Battery Length : 103 mm

K1 Glassomizer : 72 mm


Capacity : 1.5 ml

Diameter : 14 mm

Coils : 6  (1 loaded & 5 spare)


Capacity : 900 mAh

Diameter : 14.8 mm

Output : 4.2 Volts


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