Aspire Breeze Portable Charging Case (Pcc)


Aspire Breeze Portable Charging Case (Pcc) – 2000 mAh Capacity



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Product Description

Aspire Breeze Portable Charging Case (Pcc)

The Aspire Breeze PCC (Portable Charging Case) is designed to partner up with the Aspire Breeze Starter Kit Pen. For those of you that may be a 20 a day smoker or more, you may find the the 650 mAh battery capacity that is in the Aspire Breeze pen not enough to last the full day, that’s where this PCC comes into action, with its large 2000 mAh Capacity it would charge the Aspire Breeze around 3 full charges before needing to be recharged itself. The Breeze can still be used whilst it sits in it’s PCC and is no larger than an iStick would be to hold.


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